Strong leadership for a healthy democracy



For Nevada Secretary of State


Nevada is at the precipice of change as we work to overcome major challenges brought by the pandemic.  We have an opportunity to become more efficient as a government, reduce bureaucracy and enhance access to services that are too often out of reach for many Nevadans. Our recovery as a state is dependent on empowering our small businesses, reaching out to some of the hardest hit communities, and restoring Nevadans’ faith in government.


Growing up, my parents not only taught me that life is most meaningful when in service of others, they lived it. My grandfather and father were lifelong members of labor unions and they instilled the honor of a good day’s work, the importance of protecting working families, and standing up for their right to have a voice in democracy. I have made it my mission to be in service to the community I call home by being a fierce advocate for educational opportunities for all of Nevada’s children and an advocate for innovative public private partnership programs in our most vulnerable neighborhoods.  I’m running to be Nevada’s next Secretary of State because we must recognize that our government must work for all Nevadans.


More than ever, we need to defend every eligible American’s right to vote, remove barriers to voter participation, and make our elections as transparent as possible to maintain the public trust. But, there are individuals and groups who are determined to take us backwards making it harder to vote, creating barriers to register, and subverting public confidence in our elections. I am committed to building on the work that many have started in a bi-partisan way, including modernizing, safeguarding and strengthening our democracy, our elections process and the voting rights of every Nevadan.



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