Strong leadership for a healthy democracy

What Nevada Voters Should Know About Cisco Aguilar:

Cisco will take this job seriously, because nothing is more important than our freedom to vote. He will be a Secretary of State all Nevadans can trust to count every vote and ensure our voices are heard. 

Cisco believes now more than ever that voting should be more accessible for all eligible Nevadans, regardless of their political party. He’ll make sure Nevada remains one of the nation’s leaders in convenient, secure voting. Cisco will also protect our freedom to vote early, before Election Day by mail or in a drop box.

Nevada’s election workers have been the victims of harassment and violent threats, prompted by conspiracy theorists from the extreme far-right. Aguilar will make sure election workers are protected and can do their jobs without fear.

What Nevada Voters,

Especially Women,

Should Know About Jim Marchant:

Marchant has repeatedly pushed false claims that his 2020 race was “stolen”, going so far to tell Nevadans that their vote “hasn’t counted for decades”, and has made clear he plans to drastically change how Nevada’s elections are conducted. These claims have been disproven beyond doubt, including after a thorough investigation by the current Republican Secretary of State. As Secretary of State, he could use his powers to ignore the will of the people, be a barrier to certification of election results he doesn’t like, and put his thumb on the scale for himself and his allies. Voters can’t trust Jim Marchant.


Marchant has stated repeatedly he supports radical changes that would make voting less accessible. He wants to end early voting and vote by mail, methods that tens of thousands of working Nevadans use to vote. He has also said he would like to cancel every Nevadan’s voter registration and force them to re-register. It’s clear: Jim Marchant is too extreme to run our elections


Jim Marchant has previously said that he didn’t support abortion rights even to save the life of the mother, and he still supports bans so extreme they don’t even cover exceptions for rape and incest. Marchant also voted against legislation that expanded insurance coverage for women’s health care and contraception.


Marchant is also a hypocrite, who can’t even be trusted on his own record:

  • After calling himself a “leader and innovator” in telecommunications and claiming his business was “very successful”, it’s now clear that Marchant’s business was actually marred by lawsuit after lawsuit, ending in the shuttering of his company. 

  • Though he rails against voting by mail, Marchant has repeatedly voted by mail himself, including voting in Florida elections while taking a homestead exemption and living in Nevada

After the primary Marchant has sought to downplay his own ties to dangerous, anti-Semetic conspiracy theories, but he can’t outrun his own words.